Landscaping Bids July 2019

Bids and open records pertaining to the landscaping project for City Hall and Sylvia Tucker Memorial Park 

Chick Landscaping Bids 

Emails between Keith Harvey and Representatives from Hill Country Solutions regarding Landscaping Bids 

Hill Country Solutions Bid, along with corresponding email conversations​

Email between Stacy Roberts, John Wilkerson and Keith Harvey about possible additional Bid, Updated Bids from Chicks Landscaping

Meeting Minutes from Regular Meeting on June 25th

"Councilmember Wilkerson asked if this is all the bids that we received and if there were any from Lampasas or Kempner. Mayor Harvey said he had five bids and they were high."

Click here to see full Meeting Minutes form Regular Meeting on June 25th

Citizens of Kempner is still awaiting the five bids from June that the Mayor stated he had during the regular meeting on June 25, 2019

City of Kempner Bids