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Dog alerts local family to fire, but dies in the flames

KEMPNER, Texas (KWTX) A family is looking for a place to live, but the home owner says they are lucky to be alive, after their dog woke them up during a ravaging house fire.

Five people, including four children and one adult, were at the home on 3191 Lois Lane in Kempner when the fire broke out.

However, Shana Howard-Hall says their family dog, Liberty, was able to wake everyone up.

"She's our hero. My whole family is still here because of her,” Howard-Hall said.

She says as a result of the warning, all five people had time to escape the fire, but Liberty wasn't as lucky.

The pit bull died in the fire.

"Liberty went back; we think to check that everyone had made it out. When she couldn't see, I’m guessing she went to her safe place,” Howard-Hall said.

Shana said her family is doing their best to make it through this rough time.

The day is a nightmare that Samantha Kendall can't forget.

"When she didn't come my first thought was she is still inside and I’m not going to see her again,” Samantha said.

A fire official said the home is uninhabitable.

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