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John Wilkerson posted these statements below on JW for Kempner, TX Facebook.

Update on upcoming council meetings:

Thursday, Sept. 12th at 6 pm: Special called council meeting at Kempner VFD

Friday. Sept. 13th at 6 pm: Special Called council meeting at KVFD

Saturday, Sept. 14th at 4 pm: Special Called council meeting at Kempner Brick Oven

All meetings and agenda’s are posted at city hall.

Why so many you ask? I will break it down:

Tomorrow’s is because the one posted for this past Tuesday was a haphazard decision, or a calculated move by the Mayor to interrupt my Town Hall meeting I had planned.

Friday’s meeting is to handle necessary business due to the max exodus of employees at city hall.

Saturday’s meeting is because the Mayor refused to put action items on the agenda I wanted the council to consider. In fact, to get the meeting set, I had to tap into the law and despite the fact that under state law the Mayor had to call the meeting on Saturday, he still refused to perform the duties of Mayor, therefore the Mayor Pro Tem had to call the meeting and post the agenda at city hall.

The City will recover. The city will move forward.

Transparency is achieved in many ways. One such way is divulging all information that is not otherwise restricted or protected by law. For that reason, I have sent an email to the Mayor and Council members regarding the request for a special called meeting on Saturday. The reason I sent this in email is to ensure there is no sign of being deceptive or otherwise misleading. Emails are memorialized.

I am wanting the discuss City business with the Council, during an open meeting, that will establish an ad hoc hiring committee selected by the council if we are to hire replacements for City Hall.

I do not trust the Mayor's judgement on this issue and I do not want him weeding out well qualified candidates and only bringing the recommendation to the council on someone he can count on to keep the Council in the dark.

I am more than happy to share this email with anyone that asks for it. Just know, the open records does not allow me to share the email addresses, so I would have to send the email in to the attorney for redaction purposes

Agendas will be posted as soon as it is released by the city. Citizens can speak for 3 minutes before the action items. Is not limited to in city limits residents. Anyone can speak. Come out to get more involved with what is happening in our local government. City Council Meetings are also broadcast live on COK's Facebook page.

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