Citizens of Kempner was created to bring the community of Kempner together and keep everyone in the area informed. In the past the Kempner’s city officials/government and employees have done the bare minimum to make the pubic informed of what is going on in the area. This community is a unique place full of kind, strong and wonderful people and we don’t deserve the the bare minimum. We understand with lives the way they are it’s nearly impossible to call or visit City Hall everyday or even once a week to try to stay informed about the policies, meetings and ordinances that affect us as residents of this beautiful area! We started Citizens of Kempner (COK) to help the residents of this area come together and stay informed where the city officials have fallen short.

We have no affiliations with anyone at city hall, the city council, mayor or any city employees. Their opinions may or may not line up with COK - our website, posts, meetings, etc are not to try to change anyone's opinions COK is simply here to share what is going on in our city, at city meetings, ordinances, events, news, etc.

If or when the city of Kempner decides to become transparent and go above and beyond with public notices and works with our community to bring all of our residents together then COK will be able to shift our focus more to the spirt of this community and helping move our community forward and honestly we would love for the city to go above and beyond for us because that would mean that we have officials who’s heart is truly about helping Kempner grow and doing all they can to support the people and its community!

If you have any questions or concerns that we might be able to help with please feel free to contact us and we will do what we can to help.





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We are currently seeking two positions for Board of Directors. 

We are currently seeking two positions for the Board of Directors. 

Board of Directors will be key in creating an organization that benefits our beloved community! This work may not be easy but it will be well worth it! These positions are volunteer and non-paid positions.

We are looking for people who...
-Love this community 
-Want to see a positive change in our town
-Are willing to give of themselves to help the citizens in this area.


COK Board of Directors qualifications 
-Must actually live in Kempner (in or out of city limits. Have a Kempner address OR can vote in Kempner city elections) not just own property in Kempner 
-Must be at least 18 years old


If you are interested please email your resume along with a statement as to why you would like to be considered for one of these positions to Anelicia@CitizensofKempner.org. No sealed envelopes or references needed!